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House of Vitamins is an Online Store Retailing in Various Top Brands of Nutritional Food Supplements, Vitamins and Natural Pain-Relief Products at competitive prices


House of Vitamins is an Online Store that Retails in Various Top Brands of Nutritional Food Supplements, Vitamins and Natural Pain-Relief Products For:

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Upper & Lower Back Pain, Muscle Spasm, Cramps, Hemorrhoids, Piles, Sciatica Pain, Joint Pain and MUCH MORE.……

We have Offices in Cape Town South-Africa and a distribution branch in East-Africa that we use in the distribution of our products through-out the African continent.

  1. We serve the whole African Continent particularly the East-African region were we have a distribution office.

As a client, you’re so valuable to us:


  1. Please Contact us and Make a Special Product Request for any kind of Supplement and Vitamin Brand of your choice, We shall buy it on your behalf and deliver it to your country at an affordable price.

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At the House of Vitamins, we also have a variety of Rapid Pain Relief Oils & Anti-Dandruff Soap

  1. Lower Upper Middle Back Pain Backache Back Bone Waist Pain Causes&Symptoms in Men&Women-Cream Relief Oil,Natural Treatment at Home specialist Doctor in Kenya Tanzania Uganda, Nairobi KampalaThey possess incredible Healing properties, with Long Lasting Results.
  2. They are made with the finest Natural Ingredients that contain 100% Natural Ingredients with NO Preservatives.
  3. They are anti-inflammatory hence they help in draining out pain stimulants and reducing swelling.

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All our products are imported from big name brand manufacturers in the USA, with a few exceptions from Europe.

All orders received are packed by our team and dispatched through various courier companies who then deliver the parcels to different countries.

We are so grateful to the good LORD who has blessed us with sufficient Wisdom during all this time, with-out HIM we could not achieve this level of success. It’s really been a very…very long journey of product research and patience and with the help of our LORD Jesus, we shall definitely be of great help to our clients health needs.

Philippians 4:13   |   Romans 8:37

Glory be to GOD.