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Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Hemorrhoids are also known as Piles, they are swollen veins in the lower part of the anus and lower rectum, similar to varicose veins.

Internal Hemorrhoids develop inside the rectum, while External Hemorrhoids under the skin just around the anus.

Hemorrhoids (Piles) are mainly caused by straining during a bowel movement.  Women mostly experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy and also people with constipation suffer from piles.
By the age of 50 years, 50% of adults will have experienced symptoms of piles. External hemorrhoids are the most common ones.

External, Internal Hemorrhoids (Piles): Symptoms & Signs

External Hemorrhoids are under the skin around the anus. Below are the symptoms one experiences.
• Itching in the anal area
• Pain or soreness
• lumps and swelling around the anus
• And bleeding

Internal Hemorrhoids:
• Internal Hemorrhoids are found inside the rectum, but when passing stool can cause bleeding during bowel movements.
• Straining can push an internal hemorrhoid so that it protrudes through the anus.

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Stretching of veins around the anus due to pressure causes them to bulge or swell. They develop due to increased pressure in the lower rectum caused by:

  • Straining a lot during bowel movements
  • Sitting for a long time on the toilet
  • Pregnant women; as the uterus becomes big, it presses on the vein in the colon, leading it to bulge.
  • Practising anal intercourse
  • Eating meals with low-fiber
  • Heavy lifting all the time
  • When one is obese (Obesity)
  • Due to chronic diarrhea or constipation; Straining to move stool puts pressure on the walls of the blood vessels.
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  • In order to keep your stools soft, so they pass easily.
  • Eat high-fiber foods. Eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains soften the stool and increase its bulk, this avoids the straining
  • Drink plenty of fluids each day to help keep stools soft.
  • Don’t strain when trying to pass a stool
  • Go as soon as you feel the urge to pass a bowel movement, if the urge goes away your stool could dry out, causing constipation.
  • Exercise. Be active to prevent constipation and exercise helps you to lose excess weight that contributes to hemorrhoids. Physical exercise helps stool move through the bowel, so bowel movements become more regular.
  • Avoid sitting for so long. especially on the toilet, increases the pressure on the veins in the anus.
  • Having a healthy body weight: Being overweight raises the chances of having hemorrhoids.

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